Watch Dwayne De Rosario’s wonder strike for D.C. United (video)


There are so very many reasons why D.C. United stinks in 2013. And we have spent so very much time talking about these sundry ills that have wrecked the bunch from RFK Stadium.

One of them is surely Dwayne De Rosario’s highly diminished production. If any of us could have predicted that “De Ro” would merge into the back end of August with a mere two goals, we might have had some inkling that D.C. United would be so mightily fallen.

De Rosario, the league MVP just two years back, did score his third goal of 2013 tonight – and what a strike it was. Really, vintage De Ro stuff.

Suffice to say, had we seen just a little more of this, we might not be writing posts with snarky headlines like “Relegation Bowl” around D.C. United matches.  (Or, perhaps, if United had played Toronto a few more times; Two of De Rosario’s goals in 2013 have come against Toronto.)

Either way, enjoy …because you really need to see this one: