Premier League Week 2 Show Boats (Video)



It’s not often you get a clip that highlights the skill and flair of the Premier League that leads off with a display from a Sam Allardyce-coached team. But here we are, looking at the show boats from Week 2 in the Premier League, and Mathieu Debuchy’s getting burnt during Newcastle’s Saturday meeting with West Ham. It’s been that kind of start for the Magpies.

The real star of this clip is at the end, though – one of the few pieces of pizzazz that turned into a goal. Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge, en route to scoring the only goal in the Reds’ Saturday win at Villa Park, creates space for himself with a nice back heeled drag behind his body. Cutting right across goal, he makes Brad Guzan go to ground before chipping into the Aston Villa goal, scoring what would become the game-winner.

You’ve got nearly two minutes of highlights before you get there, though. Here are the Week 2 show boats from the Premier League.