Premier League Week 2 Spot of the Week: Craig Bellamy cools off Lee Probert (Video)

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Last week’s “Spot of the Week” caught U.S. international  Geoff Cameron going over the signboards at Liverpool, his temporary seat among the Anfield faithful providing one of the lighter moments from the Premier League’s opening weekend.

This week, the league was given even better material, with Cardiff captain Craig Bellamy taking advantage of his veteran status to do something that might get another player sent off.

After 17 years in English football, Bellamy’s undoubtedly developed a relationship with a number of the league’s referees. Given the way he reacts to this impromptu shower, Lee Probert must be one of them.

Suffice to say, this probably wouldn’t go over in many U.S. sports. In fact, it probably wouldn’t go over in many soccer leagues around the world, given this is the only time most of us have seen something like it. Regardless, Probert takes his cooling off in stride. Bellamy was able to stick around for Cardiff’s 3-2 upset of Manchester City.