WATCH: Managers react to a wild weekend in the Premier League


From the way Alan Pardew starts, you wouldn’t know he’s talking about the man whose secured Newcastle’s first win of the season.  When you’re basking in the glow of victory, you don’t usually take the time to detail the ways a player’s difficult to manage. Pardew, however, felt Saturday’s post-match interview was the right time to talk about his issues with Hatem Ben Arfa, though he does so in a relatively light-hearted matter. Still, it’s a strange way or recognizing a players contributions.

That’s part of this week’s compilation of manager reaction, post-match thoughts which include Sam Allardyce’s reflections from Upton Park, Ian Holloway’s thoughts on Crystal Palace’s first win, and Brendan Rodgers’ response to his team’s North West Derby victory.(among others).

Not everybody’s as critical as Pardew, but then again, not everybody manages Hatem Ben Arfa.