Why the good, clean U.S. Soccer fans might WANT Mexico in the World Cup


I get it. It’s fun right now for U.S. Soccer fans to watch Mexico desperately bail water.

I know it would be a real knee slapper for some of the passionate Yank supporters to see our bitter border rival miss out completely on World Cup 2014. Yep, I know a few folks personally who would hoot and holler and high five over that one.

But be careful what you wish for.

There would be implications beyond next summer for the entire region if Mexico misses out. Long story short, CONCACAF could face a reduction of places allocated for the following World Cup, which would reduce the U.S. chances of making an eighth consecutive World Cup appearance.

Four spots for CONCACAF (well, three-and-a-half), is controversial enough as it is.

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Imagine the hue and cry if the United States, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama make it to Brazil – all while a strong country or two or three from Europe, and another one from South America cannot get in.

If that happens, when spots for World Cup 2018 are allocated, I would not be surprised to see CONCACAF get just three berths, without the extra play-in opportunity.

And next time around, it might be the United States rather than Mexico that suddenly finds itself on the wrong side of Murphy’s Law.

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