WATCH: Top five goals from the Premier League weekend (Video)

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It’s not many weekends that you’ll have an undersized striker in head-gear score from a dead ball 26 yards from goal. It’s even fewer weekends where all those qualities line up for only the second-best goal of the weekend (though this week, that’s debatable).

Among the five goals shown in this week’s Top Goals package, the best may be number four. At least, if we’re looking for the one that has the most technical quality, it’s Aaron Ramsey’s, with the Arsenal midfielder’s one-timer from the top of the area about as well as you could hit that ball. Perhaps it didn’t catch a corner or go into the top of the net, but given how often we see that ball shanked or put 10 rows deep, Ramsey did an excellent job to convert in into a goal.

Steve Sidwell’s half-volley, Curtis Davies’ opportunism, and the goal that handed Chelsea their first loss are also featured in this week’s countdown.