Don Garber, Sunil Gulati and AS Roma owner talk U.S. Soccer growth

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Three of the biggest players in soccer development in the United Stats of America came together to discuss the state of the game in the U.S. and where things can go from here.

After huge growth in MLS over the past few seasons, and the success of the USMNT over the past 12 months, MLS Commissioner Don Garber and President of the U.S. Soccer Federation Sunil Gulati both had terrific views to share as they plan on taking the game to even greater heights Stateside.

Check it out here.

Garber retells the story of Michael Bradley’s rise through MLS, to the U.S. national team and onto AS Roma.

“There’s a story here on where this sport is going,” Garber said. “A young kid whose father went to Princeton, he is now the coach of Egypt and was the U.S. national team coach and was an MLS coach for many years. A son playing in Europe, playing for the USA and developed in the United States. And that is a story of where this sport has gone over the last 10 years. The dots are really coming together in ways that are valuable for everybody in the industry.”

To cap it all off, the American owner of Serie A giants AS Roma chimed in on the discussion hosted by Bloomberg. After bringing Roma to the US for the recent MLS All-Star game and for preseason, Pallotta also wants to start loaning several Roma youngsters to Major League Soccer clubs in the future. That is extremely interesting.

Anyway, watch what else Pallotta, chairman of Raptor Group Holdings which own Roma, Garber and Gulati have to say in 30 minutes of riveting soccer chat.