Top Premier League goals of Round 4 (video)


This week’s top Premier League goals includes Wayne Rooney’s first strike of the 2013-14 season (certainly not the man’s last, especially now that he’s well past all the transfer window drama) and some absolutely gorgeous interplay as Arsenal slices up Sunderland’s defense.

The top strike on this video is another one from Arsenal, this one off Aaron Ramsey’s cultured right foot.

So much of the Gunners-centric chatter was about Mesut Özil’s debut following his pricey arrival from Real Madrid. But Ramsey found a way to insert himself into the conversation with a real piece of work, picking up a centering ball and nailing it on a first-time volley for an important goal, helping his Gunner past a Sunderland side that made Arsene Wenger’s team work quite hard for all three points.