Injuries pile up in Istanbul as Drogba comes off in serious pain


Didier Drogba is the next high-profile casualty in a costly match for both teams in Istanbul.

With Real Madrid leading 1-0 on the road and the first half coming to a close, the Galatasaray striker went up for a contested header with Real Madrid defender Pepe.

There was a shove from Pepe, although admittedly a soft one, and Drogba instantly went down in serious pain holding his left shoulder.  The replay showed Drogba grab his shoulder and grimace before he even hit the ground, so the injury clearly resulted from contact with Pepe.

The stretcher was brought out for the Ivorian, and although he walked off under his own power, he was in clear pain and held his drooped left shoulder the whole time.  The scene lent itself to a possible serious injury, including maybe either dislocation or even a knock to the collarbone.

The defender received a yellow card from referee Mark Clattenburg for the challenge.

After the halftime break Drogba was replaced by Nordin Amrabat.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas earlier in the match had to be substituted off for Diego Lopez due to a rib injury resulting from a collision with teammate Sergio Ramos.