Watch: The Premier League weekend’s top five goals

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Somehow, Adnan Januzaj’s second goal isn’t on top of this list. That’s how good the goals were this weekend, but for was much as we talked about the hoopla surrounding the Manchester United teenager, his goal deserves a few words, too.

John O’Shea’s attempted clearance would have been put into the stands by most players, if it got that far. A ball dropping like that is often flat-out mishit – shanked into touch. Getting enough power on it to beat a Premier League goalkeeper is just one of the challenges. Getting it on target’s another issue entirely.

“On target” would be an understatement for where Junuzaj’s shot lands. He nestles it just inside Kieran Westwood’s left post – a shot that would have only been stoppable if Westwood was out of position.

When you hear people talk about the technical quality of this goal, they’re talking about that combination of power and precision. And that’s goal number two.

Manchester United’s rivals, Liverpool, offered Januzaj’s main points of competition. Luis Suárez’s sprawling score, finished from his side in front of goal, was part of the opposition, as was Daniel’s Sturridge’s goal that put Liverpool up 2-0 on Crystal Palace.

Check out which one took this week’s top spot, above.