Watch: Top saves of the Premier League weekend


There’s a lot more to good goalkeeping than sharp reflexes, even if spry feet and quick hands are what get you into the highlights. And since these clips are nothing but highlights, it’s no surprise you don’t see a series of well-claimed crosses monopolizing this video. After all, although we can see the technique and knowledge that does into a strong claim, they’re not exactly what bring the oohs and aahs.

Those reactions were reserved for saves like Simon Mignolet, the Liverpool keeper making the quick adjustment on a Jimmy Kebe-deflected ball to keep out a Crystal Palance goal. With a game as open as Saturday’s at Anfield, it’s no wonder two saves from that match have made this weekend’s list.

Then there’s Wojciech Szczesny, whose reflexes (and length) were tested by West Brom. The Polish international is doing his best to make the Emiliano Viviano acquisition meaningless.

But the save of the week wasn’t from a deflection, per se, though I suppose a redirected cross is a type of deflection. On Saturday, it didn’t matter how the ball got on goal, because after Manchester United’s defensive gaff created Sunderland’s opener, David de Gea wasn’t about to concede a second.

Check out his highlight at the end of the clip, above.