Soccer game at Buckingham Palace? English FA celebrate 150th anniversary in style


On Monday at Buckingham Palace, an official soccer game will interrupt the Royal Family’s daily routine for the very first time.

Watch out for a few stray corgis interrupting play…

To celebrate the English Football Association’s 150th anniversary, two teams will take to hallowed turf of a different kind, to play in a specially arranged match at the home of the British Monarchy.

President of the FA, Prince William, watched on, as Civil Service FC took on Polytechnic FC in a special friendly arranged to celebrate 150 heroes of the Grassroots and professional game in England.

Civil Service and Polytechnic are two of the oldest clubs in England, with both teams playing in the Southern Amateur Football League.

Here are a few photos tweeted out from the FA’s official handle, whoever came up with this idea deserves to be knighted. Or maybe, you know, just a pat on the back.

Prince William watches on, so watch your language on the sidelines!

The two teams lining up before kick off:

Could you think of a better setting for a soccer game?