WATCH: Top 5 Goals from the Premier League weekend


“That was certainly one of the best goals I’ve seen in my time here,” Arsene Wenger said of his club’s first Saturday during their 4-1 at Emirates Stadium. He’s been managing Arsenal since 1996.  “It was a mixture of technical quality, speedy thinking, quick reactions so it had nearly everything you want.”

It truly was remarkable: a play that seemed destined to break down at any minute, yet despite the level of difficulty increasing as they approached goal, Arsenal still found a way through.

Some of the touches during the sequence made you think the Gunners’ contributing trio had a bet with the rest of the team, where they would lose if any of them touched the ball more than once. In constant motion, in danger of overrunning the play (or having it pass them by), Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud pull out desperate, reflexive flicks to salvage an all-time classic movement.

Because of the stakes (relatively low), not only are people likely to overlook this goal, others will not have seen it at all. If this had taken place at the World Cup, however, that whole tournament would be known as the one with the Wilshere goal.

Spoiler alert, the goal is number one on this week’s countdown, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m not spoiling anything. There’s no way I could describe this goal in a way that would take away from the pleasure of seeing it.