Full-time snapshot: Shots, possession don’t produce wins on Champions League Tuesday


UEFA Champions League continued its early trend on Tuesday, with a tournament that’s already produced an unexpectedly high number of goals providing 19 across the day’s eight matches. While that doesn’t come close to the highs we’ve seen on previous match days (with one day’s results reaching 30 goals), we finished the day without a nil-ni. Alexander Kerzakhov’s late goal in Portugal assured us of that.

The numbers behind those goals proved just as interesting:

  • Only two teams that led their game in shots won their Tuesday matches. Napoli out-shot Marseille 11-9 en route to a 2-1 win in France while Atlético out-shot Austria Wein 13-6 in Austria. Overall, the day’s leaders in shots went 2-4-2.
  • Changing the focus to shots on goal, we see a different picture, with Borussia Dortmund (out-shot overall) managing to put more attempts on target than Arsenal in their 2-1 victory. Teams that posted more shots on goal  won three times, only losing once (3-1-2).
  • As for possession, only two teams kept more of the ball and won on Tuesday: Zenit against a 10-man Porto, and Atlético against an out-gunned Austria. Overall record for the more possessive side: 2-4-2.

Here are all the major indicators from the day’s action in Champions League, where Porto recorded the most shots (22) while Barcelona were their typical ball-hogging selves. All numbers are via Opta and WhoScored.com:

Group Home-Road Score Shots Shots
on Goal
E Schalke-Chelsea 0-3 13-10 5-4 60-40
E Steaua Bucharest-Basel 1-1 18-14 6-4 43-57
F Arsenal-Borussia Dortmund 1-2 9-8 2-3 58-42
F Marseille-Napoli 0-2 9-11 2-4 52-48
G Porto-Zenit St. Petersburg 0-1 22-15 5-5 42-58
G Austria Wien-Atlético Madrid 0-3 6-13 1-6 44-56
H Milan-Barcelona 1-1 6-17 2-6 28-72
H Celtic-Ajax 2-1 10-15 4-4 31-69