MLS playoff schedule and TV times


(Update, 6:25 p.m. ET … a playoff schedule with TV matches added Monday evening is available here.)

Major League Soccer’s 18th playoff season begins Wednesday; the first of 10 qualifiers will be eliminated that night as the field begins to narrow.

The first playoff games are single-elimination matches featuring the 4th– and 5th-place finishers from each conference.

From there, the conference semifinals and finals are home-and-away, total goals series.  Here is the schedule, with TV information:

Update: 11:40 a.m. ET … For everyone outraged by lack of national TV for elimination games this week (Grrrrrr!), stand by. Word on the street — and I only walk on very safe streets — is that more news is coming … 

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Dates for Major League Soccer’s conference finals are as follows:

  • First leg: Nov. 9-10 (Sat.-Sun.)
  • Second leg: 23-24 (Sat.-Sun.)
  • The 18th MLS Cup is set for Dec. 7 (Sat.) at the site of the higher seeded team.