CSKA Moscow fans ejected from Easyjet flight


An Easyjet flight from Russia to Manchester had to be diverted to Denmark to eject drunken CSKA Moscow fans traveling to England for Tuesday’s Champions League clash with Manchester City.

The flight captain made the decision to divert the plane to Copenhagen Airport to dump the fans amid reports one CSKA supporter was drunk and started pushing staff on board.

When six of his friends then complained about the drunken passengers treatment, they too were escorted off the flight.

An Easyjet spokesman said: “Easyjet can confirm that flight EZY1872 flying from Moscow Domodedovo to Manchester on 3 November diverted to Copenhagen airport due to the disruptive behaviour of a passenger on board. One passenger was immediately offloaded on arrival.

“Unfortunately, prior to take off, it was necessary for the captain to take the decision to offload a further six passengers. The aircraft then continued towards Manchester where it landed with a short delay.”

He added: “The safety and welfare of its passengers and crew is Easyjet’s highest priority and Easyjet would like to thank the passengers for their understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The seven men have since booked new flights and are expected to attend the match.

So what do you guys make of Easyjet’s decision to eject the passengers?

While it should be well within a patron’s right to enjoy a few mid-air bevvy’s to take the edge off of flying, getting so wasted that you push the flight attendant is simply not cool.

In fact, it’s rather heinous. Not quite as heinous as say, racially abusing Yaya Toure with monkey chants – something CSKA fans have been accused of doing during the first leg match with Manchester City on October 23rd – but still, pretty darn lame.
You stay classy, CSKA Moscow.