Turns out, U.S. Open Cup winner not being booted from CONCACAF Champions League spot, after all


Some very solid work by American soccer writer Brian Straus this morning detailing confusion – and how it came about – concerning future U.S. Open Cup winners and their deserved CONCACAF Champions League berths.

Word spread on Sunday that beginning with the 2014-15 competition – that is, for the next full competition, the one set to begin this coming summer, but not the one where quarterfinals are coming up in February – U.S. Open Cup winners would not gain a berth into the regional club tournament.

Only, that wasn’t true.

Here is Straus’ piece on SI.com’s soccer blog.

Essentially, we had a case of CONCACAF foot dragging on some proposed rules changes, which then got tangled up with some bad interpretation, with all of it getting cooked up to good steam of blogging and social media consternation and misinformation.

In previous years, domestic soccer’s four CCL (CONCACAF Champions League) spots have gone to: 1) MLS Cup champion 2) MLS Cup runner-up 3) MLS Supporters Shield winner and 4) U.S. Open Cup winner.

Reports circulated that the U.S. Open Cup winner would no longer receive its berth. U.S. Soccer strongly refuted that via social media on Sunday.

Straus’ story has more. But the bottom line is this: the proposed change involves Major League Soccer’s entries, not the U.S. Open Cup entry.