FIFA president Sepp Blatter has a “good reputation.” Just ask him


In a better world, lawyers couldn’t just make things up. But the world is far from perfect, as we know … and here’s more evidence. (And at least in this case, we gain a little chuckle.)

The quick background here is that controversial FIFA president Sepp Blatter has won an injunction from a court in Switzerland that prevents publication of a certain book, one that bathes him in less flattering light. (Not exactly from the file of “something different,” eh?)

The book, titled The Platter Cartoons, is by Danish cartoonist Olé Andersen (who is a former professional player) and is full of satirical drawings that feature world soccer’s top man. As Andrew Jennings reported in his Transparency in Sport News blog, Blatter “has also listed FIFA as a second complainant so world football will pay his legal fees.” How nice.

But here’s the real kick in the head to all this: Blatter’s lawyers, in justifying the complaint, insist that Blatter “has a good reputation and if the cartoons were published he would never be able to repair the damage.”

Seriously. It says that.

So the question becomes: on what planet do these lawyers live? Or, perhaps, what remote village, presumably without phone lines, internet service or any other cans and string that create connections with the outside world, house these attorneys?

There may be people out there who are not employed by Blatter who relish the man’s reputation – but it would surely take quite a while to find them.