Mike Tyson has never heard of Manchester City


When Mike Tyson talks soccer, the world listens.

And while appearing on The Clare Balding Show this week, Iron Mike took a seemingly inadvertently swipe at Manchester City claiming:

“I’ve been in Manchester for long periods of time and I’ve never heard of Manchester City. . . . This is my first time ever hearing of Manchester City.”

It’s a comment that will make United fans smile and City supporters cringe, even if it was said in an innocent and light-hearted manner.

Fellow boxer Ricky Hatton came to Tyson’s defense, admitting that Tyson has “only just come good” before noting that he’s always received great support from both United and City fans.

Hatton then went on to make an even more outlandish statement than Tyson, noting that “in many ways I would like to think that I brought Manchester football fans together, to be honest with you.”

Ok Ricky, let’s not get carried away, son.

All in good fun.