Cross Swansea’s Michael Laudrup off the Spurs managerial shortlist

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With Tottenham searching for Andre Villas-Boas’s replacement, Swansea manager Michael Laudrup has ruled himself out of a move to London.

The 49-year-old, who filled the large void left at Liberty Stadium by Brendan Rodgers, was one of a large list of names being tossed around for the Tottenham job.

However, he says he would never leave Swansea high and dry in the middle of the season.

“I would never leave a club, not Swansea or anyone, in the middle of a season,” Laudrup said ahead of Saturday’s match with Everton. “I have never done that as a player or as a manager and I will not do it in the future.”

I guess we know Laudrup’s take on the January transfer window. Interesting…

The Dane did add, however, that he was glad to be thrown into the mix, even if there was nothing to the link.

“You can always look at things from different perspectives,” said Laudrup. “The positive one is when your name is linked as someone thinks you are doing well. It is always positive and flattering when others are talking about you and your name is linked with other clubs and Tottenham is a big club.”

He guided Swansea to an impressive 9th place finish in the Premier League last season, including winning the League Cup and earning a place in the Europa League.

The start to this year was a struggle, as often is for a mid-table side trying to balance European fixtures with domestic play.  Laudrup has slowly turned things around at Liberty Stadium though, moving the Swans up to 10th position.