Four more for Manchester City, on pace to smash Premier League scoring record

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None of the Aston Villa faithful need worry that Manchester City’s array of offensive dazzlers will combine to topple their team’s all-time record for goals in England’s top flight. That total of 128 in the country’s top division from 1931 seems safe as government bonds.

But … !

Chelsea’s all-time record for most goals in a Premier League campaign? Yeah, Manuel Pellegrini’s lads have an excellent chance to brush that one aside. And then some.

Manchester City became the first PL club around the 50-mark pole today. In fact, Saturday’s 4-2 win over Fulham in West London puts City at 51 goals. That’s after just 17 matches; it averages out to exactly three goals a game. And at 17 games, that certainly qualifies as a significant statistical sample.

So City is on pace to score 114, which would easily topple Chelsea’s 103. (That Stamford Bridge side featured Didier Drogba, before he left to grab the career cash in China and then move on from there.)

Sergio Aguero’s injury is sure to slow the scoring pace … but probably not by much. (Edin Dzeko, time to step up and show you are a starter, my man.) Whether it’s Dzeko or David Silva or Álvaro Negredo or whomever, the cupboard is hardly bare around the Etihad. Heck, even Yaya Toure is banging in spectacular free kicks; you saw his unstoppable bender from Saturday, right?)

Thing is, City has some wiggle room, able to drop its scoring pace slight and still run down Chelsea’s mark.

Besides, Aguero will be back soon enough; he’ll likely have three or four months at least to help his club make a run at this one.