New York Red Bulls jettison defender Markus Holgersson


On the one hand, a center back in MLS who makes $200K a year needs to be a reliable performer and lead-lock starter – and Red Bulls center back Markus Holgersson wasn’t always either of those things.

Then again, he wasn’t terrible.

So it’s a little bit surprising that New York would release the veteran Swede.  The club announced the move late Thursday.

Holgersson (pictured, on the left) wasn’t especially fast or particularly great in positioning … but, again, he wasn’t painfully deficient in either area. And he seemed to be a good teammate.

He was probably priced about $50,000 to high, although that’s purely a guess. Because at $150,000, management may have deemed Holgersson as essential cover for the volatile and frequently injured Jamison Olave. Plus, a handful of Holgersson’s 63 starts with the club (over two years) were at right back; so he added some versatility there, too.

At $200,000 base salary, they apparently adjudged Holgersson just a little too pricey for his role.