One man staying put FC Dallas – but a big one may be on the way out

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FC Dallas has re-signed one of its loyal soldiers – but concern surely is coming out of suburban Toyota Stadium today about some disquieting news on its All-Star backstopper.

The official news is that right back Zach Loyd has re-signed with FCD, a very solid move for the club.

Loyd is the consummate “backbone” guy in MLS, the kind that every successful club has scattered through its roster. The fifth-year pro, the No. 5 overall pick in 2010, is in the big lump of players who reside just this side of national team consideration. He had a little run with Jurgen Klinsmann two years back but did not quite catch.

So he’s a solid MLS man who doesn’t kill anyone on the cap. No, he’s never going to threaten to bump into DP territory. But given the tight salary restrictions of MLS, you need a few of these just to consider having DPs.

Think of guys like Sporting KC’s Chance Myers, New England’s Kevin Alston, Chicago’s Logan Pause (for years and years now) and on and on.

Now the club can concentrate on the personnel issue that may be creeping up on them … and it’s a potential biggie. Reports are circulating that goalkeeper Raul Fernandez, who was such a revelation last year, may be heading back to his native Peru.

And, of course, the team has a little coaching issue to sort out.

But what’s the hurry? They’ve only been without a top man in charge for about two and a half months now.