AVB was undervalued in London, according to AVB


Remember Andre Villas-Boas? I hope so, as it’s only been a handful of weeks since the 36-year-old was sacked by Spurs after failing to cash in with this summer’s crop of expensive Tottenham transfer buys.

But that’s not why he was let go by Spurs, if you ask him, and it’s the same reason he was booted from Chelsea before Roberto di Matteo used his roster to win the Champions League and the FA Cup in the same year as his Stamford Bridge ouster.

If you ask Villas-Boas, they just didn’t appreciate him, something he aims to rectify in his next hiring.

“I have learnt that it has to fit 100%, and the club has to value the coach.”

It fits his personality to pass the buck. A simple search of his name on our site finds a bevy of stories that recall just how pugnacious he was in the press (though to be fair there were many who considered his treatment by the media quite unfair).

Linked with AC Milan and Schalke 04 recently despite his sackings in London, he did manage Spurs to their highest point total ever, Villas-Boas says he’ll be laying low and “recharging his batteries.” He spent some time this month watching Pep Guardiola conduct winter training