Jose Mourinho’s got a hot sports take on Moyes in Manchester


Jose  Mourinho, what a beauty.

Whether you love the Special One or deplore his antics, there’s no denying he’s constantly tinkering with the minds of his opponents in entertaining fashion (or at the very least making an attempt).

Today’s target is David Moyes and Manchester United, and Mourinho is at his smarmy, insider best in taking a completely reasonable statement and turning it into some sort of revelatory moment.

‘My feeling, which is based on years of communicating with Sir Alex and some inside information, is Man United are not happy, but they are calm.

‘They trust David. David trusts them. I don’t think David is under pressure. The pressure is something virtual. It is something that comes from the media as a consequence of not  having the best results.

The most important thing in all of this is not the pressure that comes from the outside, it’s the reality of the inside.’

You follow? Jose Mourinho would like you, again, to know that he is on another plane, conducting his affairs at some sort of Knights of the Managerial Roundtable, where only he and select few other managers are allowed to discuss what goes into football managing’s holy book. It’s him, Sir Alex, Giovanni Trapattoni and Ottmar Hitzfeld entertaining guests with 400-year-old bottles of wine, aged cheese from the 1966 World Cup and unrivaled pearls of wisdom (like “get the best players in the world on your team”).