Police called to Swansea player fight? Chico Flores brandishes a brick?

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Times of turmoil can be bring plenty of trouble to a team’s training ground. Facing the massive pressure of a relegation battle, words can be exchanged, feeling hurt, bricks brandished and police called.

Swansea defenders Chico Flores and Garry Monk’s training ground flap apparently arose enough danger in someone’s mind to get the cops called to the training ground.

The most outlandish claim being made my some is that Flores was seen by a member of the public holding up a brick. While violence isn’t something to joke about, how this detail made its way into the story feels like something out of “Anchorman.”

Michael Laudrip: “That escalated quickly…”

Angel Rangel: “It did, didn’t it?”

Flores: “I was fighting with Garry.”

Jonjo Shelvey: “I saw that. Did you throw a brick?”

Swans, as expected, admitted there was an issue but said it was blown out-of-proportion. To be fair, it’s easy to think it probably was exaggerated.

From the BBC:

A spokesperson for the club played down the row between Monk and Flores and says the incident is now over.

“Chico Flores and Garry Monk had an exchange of words at the training complex, which is not uncommon between players in training grounds across the country,” said the spokesperson.

“But no threats or altercations took place between the players in question.”

But where did he get a brick?