David Beckham to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


Major League Soccer stands to land a small side dish of mainstream media love as David Beckham appears on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon later this week.

In fact, global soccer’s most iconic star – no, we won’t call him so forever, but until someone wrestles that moniker from him, it belongs to Beckham –will appear Friday on Fallon’s last show before the Super Bowl. So, the famous “football” man will be on before our country’s annual, ultimate American football game. There’s some morsel of irony in there, no?

Fallon, of course, will soon inherit the fabled lead chair of The Tonight Show.

As for this week’s appearance on Late Night, expect a lot of underwear talk. Yes, underwear talk.

That’s because Beckham, who counts H&M underwear among his endorsement portfolio, has a Super Bowl commercial set for Sunday … a fairly revealing commercial that is tied into a bit of a tricked up social media gambit. (See lots of Beckham uncovered below.)

But surely they’ll mention Beckham’s ongoing efforts to secure that Major League Soccer franchise in Miami, so MLS is likely to be part of the conversation.


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