Pele, Diego Maradona still feuding over who was best


Let’s start this conversation here: Is the ongoing feud between Pele and Diego Maradona one bit interesting anymore?

I mean, you throw in the fall of the wall and a Madonna Like a Prayer video, and we’re right back in 1989, acid wash jeans and all.

These two have been going at it for 25 years or more. No doubt that Pele, the Brazilian scoring king, and Maradona, the Argentine scoring and playmaking wizard, were two of the game’s all-timers. Few would argue the point – even if Maradona has turned into something of a punch line in his post-playing days, and even if some of Pele’s comments through the years have been real head-scratchers.

Anyway, maybe they could give the bickering a rest already.

But apparently not. Maradona has had the latest say.

This is where I would usually pull an excerpt or a quote … but in all honesty, it’s just such a tiresome bit at this point. Click the link if you like. Or, do like Maradona should have done long ago and just move on with your life.