Study says the perfect girlfriend is a Manchester United supporter

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Look: it’s Friday, it’s late, and the soccer world is mostly waiting for a busy schedule of exciting matches, including Liverpool vs. Arsenal and Chelsea vs. Newcastle United.

So forgive this little nugget from the Valentine’s Day files: a British dating app conducted a survey of its many participants as to what comprises the “perfect girlfriend.”

And the answer is that she must love soccer, and ideally support Manchester United.

The study looking at the ideal Valentine also found men like an Irish accent, a woman who drives a Mini Cooper, loves to eat meat eatery and is a big fan of roast dinners.

Here’s a tidbit that won’t surprise you, given the above “news”: among the perfect girlfriend’s favorite television programs is “Match of the Day.”

No word as to whether she enjoys being taken to a casual-dressed fast food dinner, followed by renting movies in a hotel room (Cough, Adnan, cough).