Florida, politics and the long road ahead for MLS expansion


Here’s just one small indication of how much red tapes and political wrangling awaits as Orlando and Miami join MLS. We can all expect to see a bushel of stories along these lines in the days, weeks, months and years – yes, years – ahead:

This dispatch from a Miami Herald blog is all about Major  League Soccer’s desire to have Florida waive a 6-percent state admission sales tax for MLS all-star games taking place in either Miami or Orlando.

And this is just “kindergarten” stuff, so to speak. The real political wrangling when it comes to Miami’s ongoing expansion enterprise is the stadium deal, especially as the preferred site is on county owned land.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong here?

If you know your MLS history, you know all too well that messy politics has been a perennial obstacle in stadium discussions around D.C. United for a decade.

Same for the ongoing efforts for New York City FC to settle on a site for a permanent Big Apple home.