Stomach-churning Tweet leads to Everton supporter meeting his heroes


Wednesday’s weather and stadium issues forced the late postponement of a match between Everton and Crystal Palace at Goodison Park. You couldn’t help but be bummed after seeing this ill-fated Tweet from a super-excited Toffees supporter who had traveled from Malaysia to see his beloved squad.

That Tweet hit just before the match became a no-go, leading to this extra bummer of a Tweet… that turned Ric Wee’s day around.

That’s when Everton sprang into action. After all, they no longer had a match to play. Wee got to spend time with Everton boss Roberto Martinez and star back Leighton Baines, picked up some autographs and returned to Goodison Park the next day for a tour of the stadium led by former Everton striker Graeme Sharp.

Cynics will suggest the Toffees jumped on a chance for some great PR… and so what? It served its purpose and surely Ric Wee doesn’t mind. He’s only put out dozens of joyous Tweets and Retweets today.

Now watch out Twitter after the next cancellation. Blood in the water, clubs. Blood in the water.