Sacked by email, former boss Laudrup still hasn’t said goodbye to Swansea players


Sometimes you walk away from a meeting feeling everything’s fine, everything’s good. Then you get an email and you’re fired.

Take former Swansea boss Michael Laudrup, who was sacked over the Internet mere hours after what he considered a decent meeting with Swans chairman Huw Jenkins.

Laudrup is still looking for an explanation, as well as legal advice.

“At the meeting we ended up saying we have to stay together and we shook hands,” said Laudrup. “[Jenkins] said ‘thank you very much because you want to help the club’.

“Later that morning I received a mail that said ‘due to a breach of your contract, with immediate effect, it’s terminated’.

Laudrup said he called the club for an explanation on “the breach,” but failed to get a reply. His belongings were delivered, and he then asked if he could speak to his players and staff, to thank them for all they’ve done. He was denied.

“I said ‘could I speak to the staff and players?’ He called me back and said ‘the chairman thinks that’s a bad idea’. I still have not said goodbye to anyone.”

Losing your job is rarely a good time, but Laudrup’s consternation is pretty amped up. But posited in Richard Farley’s sprawling essay comparing Laudrup to Don Draper of TV’s “Mad Men,” it’s never as simple as it looks from the outside. Sure, he may claim to have backing from Sir Alex Ferguson and Gary Lineker — and be considered a lock for a solid job somewhere in Europe — but for nearly every great coach, there’s  likely someone above him who’s sick of his schtick.