Terrence Boyd plays for the US and Rapid Wien, but claims undying love for Arsenal


It’s easy to forget that nearly every player grew up rooting for a team, and that more often than not that team is not their current employer. In the case of Rapid Wien’s Terrence Boyd, it’s a little bizarre to read the American striker’s undying love for his favorite club.

Here’s what Boyd dropped on Twitter just before Arsenal’s UEFA Champions League tie with Bayern Munich kicked off this afternoon.

It doesn’t bother me and isn’t a big deal, but it’s funny to think how a Rapid Wien supporter reads that Tweet. Sure it comes with the territory of being a supporter for a non-gigantic club, but still… In any event, it’s a case that gossip rags would say, “Players… they’re just like us.”

If you’re not following Boyd on Twitter, by the way, it’s worth it just for occasional witty Tweet like “Whaaaat just saw #bullriding for the first time! AMAZING” and, well, photos of his tatted-on croc skin: