England manager Roy Hodgson invites wives and girlfriends to Miami before World Cup

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Once every four years, we are reminded of the foreign press’ fascination with England’s wives and girlfriends, aka the “WAGs.”

I know some people think “WAGs” is a derogatory term.  I disagree; after all, it’s just an acronym for “wives and girlfriends,” mostly only pertaining to the players of England’s national team.

So I suspect what really upsets the conflicted is that media outlets are actually paying potentially invasive attention to the whereabouts, whys and wherefores of a bunch of women who are not actually public figures, but only attached to them.

Well, whether you like the term or not, it’s kind of hard to pay attention to soccer in a World Cup year without hearing about them.

Case in point, right here.

England manager Roy Hodgson has apparently yielded permission for some time in the Miami sun for the England wives and girlfriends. This will be at the time England is in South Florida for pre-World Cup prep.