Newcastle supporter wears Sunderland jersey to Wembley to honor late father


In a world of “jersey fouls,” this one is most forgivable.

Newcastle and Sunderland have a fierce rivalry in Northeast England, one that has belonged squarely in the Black Cats corner for over a year. And like any local rivalry, it divides friends and families.

According to the web site, one such Newcastle supporter found himself in an emotional and surely uncomfortable position when his father, a Sunderland fan, passed away. His dad’s desire was to watch the Black Cats compete at Wembley, and reportedly Dad had a ticket in hand. So the son had a specialty Sunderland jersey made that said “4 U Dad” on the back.

He then wore the thing to London for the Capital One Cup final. Can’t help but think he found more than a little bit of joy in the fact that while wearing the shirt of a hated rival to honor the memory of his beloved dad, said rival was beaten 3-1.