Cardiff owner Vincent Tan makes more news by offering an illegal bonus to his players


Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan, like most owners, really would like to stay up in the Premier League and reap the fiscal and spiritual rewards of playing in England’s top flight.

As such, he reportedly offered his players a bonus of nearly $6.2 million if they’re able to stave off relegation. Such bonuses are nothing new, so what’s the problem?

Well, Tan made the offer before this weekend’s match between his Bluebirds and Tottenham Hotspur, meaning it’s come long after the due date for such bonuses (which have to come before the start of the Premier League season).

A spokesman for Tan told the Daily Mail that they didn’t realize they were breaking any rules by extending the bonus offer, and that they would be rescinding it.

If you’re looking for a bit of a laugh out of this relatively dry ordeal, Tan apparently told the players they “needed to shoot more” while notifying the players of his offer.