Jose Mourinho reiterates it’s Manchester City’s title to lose


Quick not to miss an opportunity to deflect pressure of his club, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has reiterated that the Premier League is Manchester City’s to lose.

“I prefer to have the destiny in my hands, and only City have destiny in their hands,” Mourinho said.

“If I win every game until the end of the season, all 10 – which we won’t – maybe we are not champions. If they win all 12 games they have, they are champions. They have their destiny in their hands.”

It’s a decent argument from the Chelsea boss, whose side currently enjoys a four point lead at the top. Six points back from Chelsea sit City, with two games in hand due to their commitment to the Capital One Cup, which concluded in a 3-1 final victory over Sunderland yesterday.

Yet while Mourinho claims his team won’t win their remaining 10 matches, the same could be said for City who, unlike the Blues, are still involved in the FA Cup in addition to the Champions League. Plus, assuming City wins their two matches in hand they will be equal on points with Chelsea but with a greater goal differential (currently at +12).

In other words, an extra draw on behalf of either Chelsea or City could be enough to decide the title race.

City’s remaining Premier League matches are against Sunderland (PPD, H); Aston Villa (PPD, H); Hull City (A); Fulham (H); Manchester United (A); Arsenal (A); Southampton (H); Liverpool (A); West Bromwich Albion (H); Crystal Palace (A); Everton (A); West Ham United (H).

Chelsea’s remaining Premier League matches are against Tottenham (H); Aston Villa (A); Arsenal (H); Crystal Palace (A); Stoke City (H); Swansea City (A); Sunderland (H); Liverpool (A); Norwich City (H); Cardiff City (A).