Hull City vice-chairman explains motives for name change in open letter to fans


Hull City vice-chairman Ehab Allam took the next step in his club’s quest to change their name to “Hull Tigers” on Wednesday when he wrote an open letter to the Hull Daily Mail explaining the motives for the rebrand.

Noting the $40 million his family spent to save the club from relegation and the $83 million spent to get the club into the Premier League, Allam claims that “[f]or the club to become sustainable we need further investment in the form of increased sponsorships and partnerships.”

The majority of such deals, Allam notes, are from emerging markets such as North America, Asia and the Far East, locations that he believes have “a natural affinity to the Tigers.” Citing a need to stand out from the other five Premier League clubs with “City” in their name, Allam says Hull needs to do something to stand out from their competitors.

Admittedly “sound business people and not football people,” Allam notes that his family has made a number of unpopular decisions in the past that have ended up benefitting the club and that he hopes fans will “trust us to deliver once again.”

Since the emergence of the Allam family’s desire to change the club name there has been massive backlash among Hull City supporters, who view the proposed name change as a complete disregard for the club’s history and tradition.