VIDEO: Foul on Cristiano Ronaldo has David Navarro see red… again

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Cristiano Ronaldo got the first goal and the last laugh as Real Madrid thumped Levante 3-0 on Sunday, but in between he was victim to a reckless tackle from David Navarro… again.

First, here’s the foul from today. You can especially watch Ronaldo roll over and over like a small child on a big hill:

But it wasn’t the first time Navarro saw red after an encounter with Ronaldo. Two seasons ago, Navarro launched upward into Ronaldo’s face, leaving the Real Madrid star with plenty of blood. In fact, don’t watch the video if you aren’t comfortable with the red stuff.

Navarro saw a card of the same color for his harsh foul.

Ronaldo also recorded an assist on Madrid’s second goal today, because he’s pretty good at soccer.