VIDEO: Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores twice, the second with beautiful build-up, in 2-0 PSG win


Even Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s nifty foot tricks don’t go as planned, he can bag a goal. And when they do, wow.

Examine both of his tallies today in Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-0 win over AS Saint Etienne.

First, an attempted flick and an attempted nutmeg both don’t work, but the ball still ends up in a spot where Zlatan can leap to strike one into the goal.

Twenty-six minutes later, Ibra is back in the business of build-up. This one’s a beaut, as he navigates his way through several defenders before a quick little pass pushes the attack wide. When the ball comes back inside, he knows just what to do with it:

He’s good at soccer.