Gonzalo Higuain’s status at Napoli could have Premier League ripple effects

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With Gonzalo Higuain impressing in his first year with Rafa Benitez at Napoli, questions will naturally arise about his future this summer.

It’s a situation to monitor for Premier League fans, because it could hit England on multiple fronts if he decides to leave.

First of all, Arsenal’s failed attempts to land the Argentinian last summer could resurface, as Arsene Wenger hopes not to traverse next season with the lack of striker depth as he did this year.

That’s the most direct potential result, but the Gunners’ bitter London rivals could also be affected.

If Higuain were to leave, rumors out of Italy have tabbed struggling Tottenham forward Roberto Soldado as a potential replacement.

Soldado has taken quite some time to adjust to the physical nature of the Premier League, and Serie A could be the perfect escape should he decide he’s had enough of England.

The Italian league is much more suited to Soldado’s on-ball abilities and poacher qualities, whereas he’s struggled in England trying to find gaps in defenses as well as finishing opportunities. In addition, his poor Premier League form could allow Napoli to buy the Spaniard at a discounted price.

However, it should be noted that in the past, Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy has not been one to offload struggling talent quickly, instead often opting to give his purchases more time to adjust.

With Napoli, Higuain has bagged 14 goals and seven assists this Serie A season, and 21 goals overall in his first season in Naples. Benitez brought the 26-year-old to the Azzurri for $51 million from Real Madrid, where he spent six successful seasons.