Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos does not approve of his record-setting red card


Nineteen red cards is a lot of sending-offs, but that’s the number of times Sergio Ramos has been prematurely dismissed from La Liga matches.

And the record-breaking red, shown by referee Alberto Undiano today in Real Madrid’s 4-3 loss to Barcelona, isn’t sitting well with the Spanish defender.

From Goal:

“There are some things you can’t fight against. This was pre-meditated.”

“Hopefully, we will not meet Undiano for the rest of the season.”

Ramos was beaten by Neymar and the Brazilian hit the deck inside the box for a penalty and the red but the footage doesn’t necessarily validate nor dismiss the defender’s claim (though there is little doubt that Neymar certainly issued a bit of theatrics for the visiting crowd).

The Guardian has a pretty neat write-up of Ramos’ 19 reds, but surely the defender won’t want to read it. Ramos says he didn’t touch Neymar.

“It’s always the same. I didn’t touch Neymar but there’s no point talking about it, it changes nothing,” Ramos told AS.

“Everyone can see what happened today. We could have got something from the game but got nothing.

“I stopped because I preferred 3-3 rather than a penalty and a sending off.”