Roberto Di Matteo is ready to come back after being “overwhelmed by offers”


Roberto Di Matteo is ready to return to managing, so which team is ready for the former Champions League winner?

He’s just 43-year-old, and has been out of managing since his dismissal from Chelsea. Di Matteo won two trophies in just eight months on the job at Stamford Bridge, so it’s no surprise that he’s been in demand… at least according to him:

“I’ve been overwhelmed by offers, which I’m flattered by. But I made a decision. Many people disagreed but that’s the way I am. I follow my own path.”

Di Matteo said it doesn’t matter what league he joins, so it’s not “Premier League or bust.”

“It doesn’t matter what country but I need to be challenged by it. I need to feel the ambition of the club.

“You need to have a good relationship, with the board and with the owner. And you have to have a long-term vision but a short-term solution, because in the short term you need to win games while you try to implement your long-term vision.”