Roma’s American owner is why Daniele De Rossi won’t be in MLS soon


Daniele De Rossi isn’t going to be coming to Major League Soccer anytime soon, and you can thank AS Roma owner Jim Pallotta.

De Rossi had long-planned on playing Stateside, but the 30-year-old AS Roma mainstay’s desires are reportedly set to remain unrealized after American owner Pallotta’s promise to build a new palace for i Lupi inspired the midfielder to sign a contract extension through 2017.

Roma has long shared its home pitch with Lazio, but Pallotta is daring to build new. The De Rossi news is a footnote in a well-written profile of Pallotta in the New York Times:

“I love the United States culture and I have always wanted to live there, maybe in a big city,” De Rossi said. “But it is funny: now, I will probably never live in America, and it is because of an American.”

It’s odd that Pallotta has inspired De Rossi to stay home in Rome — he was born there — considering the owner’s purchase of Roma was met with much derision from fans. Critical of an American owner one of Italy’s storied clubs, they are now coming around.