WATCH: Marouane Fellaini claims Pablo Zabaleta ‘bounced’ his jaw against him


Ahhh, Marouane Fellaini. He’s always good for a laugh or two.

On Thursday he spoke to the Daily Mail about his clash with Manchester City’s Pablo Zabaleta, where the Belgian midfielder was issued a yellow card.

The incident, which occurred in the 30th minute, clearly showed an on-the-ball Fellaini lean in and clobber the on-rushing Zabaleta with an elbow to the head.

Fellaini’s take on the incident?

Zabaleta “bounced” his jaw against him.

“I don’t know,” Fellaini explained, “but I certainly didn’t do it on purpose. I put my arm up to try and protect possession of the ball, and Zabaleta bounced [his jaw] against it. He was unlucky to make contact.”

Unlucky, indeed.

Fellaini continued: “The movement by me was not in an aggressive manner. It was a defensive move to protect the ball.”

One person who had the Belgian’s back, at least initially, was David Moyes who at the time of the incident didn’t think a foul had been committed. He was later informed otherwise. “My first feeling is I’m surprised it is a free kick, but by what I am hearing people are saying it could have been worse,” he said in his post-match presser.

Much worse. As in, straight red. Video above, you be the judge.

You stay classy, Marouane.