Sunderland bans newspaper, which responds by banning “Sun”-derland

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Northeast English Premier League clubs aren’t being kind to newspapers, and now Sunderland is facing the “wrath” of The Daily Sun in a comical and juvenile way.

After The Sun correctly predicted Gus Poyet’s lineup for Sunderland’s mid-week clash against Liverpool, the Black Cats hierarchy decided to ban the newspaper from the Stadium of Light for the rest of the season.

The Sun’s response? Well, let’s allow Newcastle beat writer Lee Ryder of the Evening Chronicle to lay it out for you. After all, he’s faced bans of his own from the Magpies and Newcastle has allegedly debated charging writers for access.

Get it? Sunderland is keeping The Sun from Sunderland, and now The Sun is keeping the “Sun” from Sunderland.

Apparently Poyet and company believe a “mole” linked the Black Cats lineup to the press. And it’s a good call indeed considering Sunderland were heavy favorites to beat Liverpool. Oh…