Toni Kroos will not join Manchester United this summer, say Bayern Munich


Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has said that Toni Kroos will not join Manchester United this summer.

The news, as reported by The Guardian, was delivered by Rummenigge before flying to Manchester on Monday morning for Bayern’s quarter-final Champions League match against United.

“Toni Kroos is sure to play in a Bayern Munich shirt next year,” the chairman said.

Kroos has long been rumored to be interested in a move to Old Trafford, recently saying:

It is no secret that the Premier League is a possibility for me. But no one has come to any agreement with me and it will stay like this until the summer and, some time, a decision will be made. It is also no secret that the Premier League is not a bad league.

Franz Beckenbauer, Bayern’s honorary president, previously warned the German international that he was not indispensable and needed to re-think his wage demands:

You have to make a decision as a club when someone’s demands are going through the roof. There is not a single player who’s worth changing your entire wage structure for. Nobody’s indispensable. If the player wants to stay at Bayern, I can only advise him not to overplay his hand.

Beckenbauer’s advise to Kroos was made earlier this year following the 24-year-old’s decision to turn down a new contract from Bayern on the basis that he wanted to double his wages to eight million euros a year. With Rummenigge’s quotes today it appears that, contrary to Beckenbauer’s assertions, Kroos may not have overplayed his hand after all.