WATCH: Many questions after giant stuffed doll interrupts corner kick


The annals of match interruption by soccer supporters took a turn for the toons after a startlingly-accurate toss by a Sochaux supporter in its match against Marseille.

As Mathieu Valbuena prepared to unload a corner kick that would hopefully tie up the match for his side, a giant Betty Boop doll was tossed almost directly onto the ball.

There are at least three magnificent things to note about the video, and we encourage you to toss your observations into the comments section:

1) Who brings a Betty Boop doll to a soccer match and, more importantly, how does one successfully bring it into the arena (“Well, you see sir, we’ve never lost when I’ve brought my Boop.”)?

2) How about Valbuena’s only mildly-affected reaction to the giant doll landing near his foot?

3) The aim on that toss! Close to pinpoint!

Thanks to WhoAteAllThePies for the video.