Cazorla to look elsewhere if Arsenal cannot win trophies


Santi Cazorla has had himself a very up and down year.

Seeing his playing time initially diminished with the arrival of Mesut Ozil, Cazorla has now played in 16 consecutive matches, missing just four total minutes during that span.

However, also during that run, the Gunners have seen themselves fall out of the Premier League title race, now in a battle just to retain their Champions League status.

Cazorla isn’t happy with this new development, and he threatened the club that he could leave if he no longer believes they offer him the chance to win trophies.

“I want titles and that is why I came to Arsenal,” Cazorla told Sport360. “Every football player wants to win titles. We’ve gone many years without winning one. And if not, what I’ll look for in my next destination is to have the chance to win.”

The Spaniard pointed to his age as a motivating factor, saying at 29 and two years left on his contract, he is running out of time.

“I don’t want to close doors, but nowadays I’ve a contract with Arsenal for two more seasons. When I’m turning 31 I’ll evaluate myself and I’ll choose the best option.”

Finally, Cazorla gave the indication that his first choice would be to return home. “In which case [I do leave], I would be delighted to come back [to Spain].”

His departure would be a significant blow to the Arsenal midfield and attack. Despite a significant drop in production this year from his 12-goal, 12-assist haul last season, the Spaniard still possesses a vicious pace on the ball and the ability to create havoc in the opposing area.

His totals of four goal and four assists are his lowest career combined totals since the 2006/07 season when he played in La Liga.