Report: FA Cup semis to stay at Wembley


Wembley Stadium will stay the venue for the FA Cup semifinals to help offset the cost of the giant London stadium, according to a BBC report.

The stadium cost approximately $1.256 billion to construct and was completed in 2007.

Both the Arsenal versus Wigan and Sheffield United versus Hull City semifinals were held at Wembley this weekend, with loads of visiting fans descending upon London for the matches.

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke supports the decision to continue holding the semis there, if only for the combination of capital and increase support for the event.

From the BBC:

“There were 80,000-odd people here,” he added. “It was an enormous turnout. Where would we play it to get those sorts of numbers? Villa Park? You would get 40 or 50,000.

“The FA took a commitment when they built the place that the semi-finals would be here. So that is where it is at the moment unless the contractual situation changes. I can’t see that happening.”

Your thoughts? You cool with the semis taking place in London for a while… forever? Does it take something away from minnows to not have the opportunity to host a giant?